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A heart full of trust

It’s often difficult to put your trust in the world when life doesn’t seem to show you a complete answer. It’s not to say that you will roam this journey closed off to yourself and reluctant to be vulnerable to the open life every time things are not the way that you imagine them to be. Ironically, when you feel that you have lost your beliefs because they are challenged, that is the time to trust that life will work its ways.

But how? Easier said than done. It takes a great amount of mental strength and courage to put your foot forward and just believe. Like many, I at times want proof that what I am believing in works and will have an effect (preferably positive). Will it work? If I say that life will take my path and alter it as it may, will I feel secure just by my justification of words? I would have to put my heart into that trust also.


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