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A feeling of yearning

There is something about fall that wraps me and pulls me, and it’s something that I do not comprehend. I do not wish to pursue it either, for I enjoy the moment that it brings me in — tugging away at me. I long to travel to Seattle, Washington one day, some day, and view the ever changing leaves from the mountainous trees. Perhaps, sit by the still lake and wish for nothing more. I love to play with the shadows that the light casts on objects. The sun generally sits lower, projecting rays from afar and creating silhouettes that elongates. Living in the beautiful but never-changing-season California, I wonder how it is somewhere else. Is it natural to have a desire and yearning to leave your hometown? Or is it just my young perspective? I’ll figure it out someday when I’m standing on a pier and looking out to the lake in Washington.


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